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13th of October 2023
14th of October 2023

15th of October 2023

ONLY THOSE DATES ARE AVAILABLE please check the date on booking site as diary is open for Family Christmas Minis too,  those two events can't be mixed.

For who:

Children up to age of 5 years old ( girls above one year of age needs to wear swim costume , little bikini, Christmas top, t shirt covering chest and all children needs pants/ swim nappy). Ideally sitting unaided. Children who doesn't sit unaided can still participate, but images will be only taken in " from above angle with visible parent / carrier hands as baby has to be hold at all times!

What it child or children has/have older sibling/s?

They are welcome to join in before the cup is made , on the actual background as well as on the side of hot cocoa cup so we can take selection of beautiful sibling photos. 

Can parents join in?

This mini sessions are designed for children only. If you would like family photos please book Family Mini Session here :

What do I need to bring:

For children up to 5 years old we would need bath towel, loose fitting clothes to change after yummy splash and festive clothes to have images taken before the cup part. For siblings : festive outfits. 

What will be used in a cup: 

Same as during my cake smash and splash where I use massively diluted milk, I will be using same thing and add a bit of cocoa to add colour to it. 
For each child we will be using giant marshmallows so they will be able to nibble in it if wanted that will make images even cuter. 

My child has allergies/ skin condition, can it still have a cocoa splash? 

Sure! you need to let me know on booking, milk replacement or emiollient for sensitive skin can be used according to what baby/child can be in contact with. We can do milky bath or cocoa with food colouring. Parents to check the ingredients and make a decision what will be best. Children safety is a priority.


After each session cup will be emptied, rinsed thoroughly, washed and then disinfected with baby safe products. Basically the same procedure as after evert cake smash and splash. Child will be offered quick rinse, if parents would like to, but I advice to have a bath or shower when you get back home. 

Clothes, hats and hair accessories :

Will be provided. I have plenty outfits for different ages of children. Boys need their owns from age 2 above. Please check availability before coming to session if you would like to use studio wardrobe.

Session days:

Please plan ahead and arrive on time, come to studio maximum 5 minutes before your appoitment. Late arrivalas are not premited, if you are 15 minutes late,  your session will automaticaly be cancelled. Sessions are back to back, so won't be abe to offer more time to one client as this will make all the other clients waiting. Make sure you plan ahead and check google maps and timings. 

* Session will take 30-45min each
* 3 digital, full resolution images sent via email
with print release included in the price
* Online gallery with the images from the session
* Possibility to purchase additional photos, products, full galleries
* Each additional digital image £50
* Prints, wall art, triplexes, albums are available and are sold separately
* Session price £150 ( due on booking and not refundable) 

Please read T&C as well as privacy policy before booking. 

hot cocoa christmas mini session Leicester.png.png

Ready to book?  

Click here for availability and booking :

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