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Newborn & Maternity workshop

The workshop will be suitable for people who: 
can use manual mode on the camera (I will provide settings to take a picture, the student must be able to change the camera settings himself, he must know what to do when the picture comes out too light or too dark);
basic use of photoshop, knowing the tools and use of masks.

Each student will have one-to-one time with the teacher, in the order previously set.

The teacher will individually supervise the work and progress, which will aim to achieve the best possible results.

Workshop includes:



-one day workshop

- lighting: studio light- flash

- workflow

- posing on bean bag

- posing in props

- posing with parents

- learning correct angles

- newborn safety

- working with parents

- camera settings

- building full gallery 

- editing in Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud ( CC) and Adobe Camera RAW (ACR)

- use of Adobe Bridge 

- explanation how to work with babies between 2-6 weeks

- black and white edit



-one day workshop

-lighting: studio light- flash


-studio and outdoor sessions

-posing with partners

- learning correct angles

- camera settings

- building full gallery 

-editing in Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud ( CC) and Adobe Camera RAW (ACR)

-use of Adobe Bridge

The Big Day: 


Day starts at 10AM ends at 6PM, lunch and refreshments will be provided. Every attendee will receive certificate and goodie bag. 

Newborn workshop 
10:00-10:30 introduction 
10:30-13:00 first model - session 

13:00 coffee break 
13:30-16:00 second model- session 
16:00 lunch
16:30-18:00 editing

18:00 the end

Maternity workshop 
10:00-10:30 introduction 
10:30-12:00 first model - outdoor session

12:30-13:45 editing outdoor
14:00 lunch
14:30-16:00 second model- studio session 
16:00-16:30 coffee break
16:30-18:00 editing studio

18:00 the end

The timetable is indicative. The flow of the day fully depends on models especially during newborn sessions. 


What do I need: 


Camera, lenses ( 35mm and/or 50mm and/or 24-70mm for studio, 85mm,135mm 70-200mm or similar for outdoor maternity session) charged battery, memory card, notebook and pen. No laptops will be needed 


€450 per attendee for newborn workshop 

€350 per attendee for maternity workshop 
€700 per attendee for newborn & maternity workshop

€100 ( for a day or €200 for two days)  non refundable deposit is required to secure the day. 

Maximum 6 people per day. 


Strictly 50 miles radius from LE4 ( Leicester ) applies. 

Workshops are not available for people who teach or are intend to teach photography. Participants taking part in the workshop declare that they will not conduct their own trainings / workshops for a period of a year ( 12 months) from the date of the workshop.

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