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Mummy and Me Mini Sessions


Children at all ages. Boys and Girls. 
Great GrandMothers.


Well behaved, clean, well looked after pets welcome

( please confirm with studio prior session).




We, mothers, we take tones of photos of ... well ... everyone! Of the children, of partners with children, of our pets! And so on...

But truly, how many images we have with our children? Our the most precious gift? 


If we we will be gone tomorrow, what will they have, to remember us by?  

Yes, Husbands, partners random people passing try their best to take anything decent... of us when we ask, or beg for it, does it always work?


From the experience- NOT AT ALL! 

As a mum, I can't enphasise enough , we deserve to have beautiful images with our beautiful babies. 

If you are single mum? - You deserve this!
If you are size 6 mum? - You deserve this!
If you are size 22 mum? - You deserve this! 
If you are mum to be?- You deserve this! 
If you are one of the mums?- Both of you deserve this !
If you are doggie mum?-You deserve this! 

Daddy... yes! You! 
Book it in for woman who birth your most precious things, your children! 





 Colours: light , white, off white colour background with shades beiges, creams, browns.
Neutral, organic, timeless.
Full of texture, fabric, textiles.
Minimalistic set up focused on emotion and bond between mother and her children. 
Props available. 

Gorgeous baby rocking luxury hand wolven moses basket will be available for babies 0-18 months.
Wooden toys.
Halos and headbands avalialble.




22nd of June 2024

23rd of June 2024
29th of June 2024
30th of June



As those are only mini session they CANNOT be rescheduled. 

mummy and me Leicester.jpg
mummy and me Leicester.jpg

* Session will take 30-45min each

* 3 digital, full resolution images sent via email

* Online gallery with the images from the session

* Possibility to purchase additional photos, products, full galleries

* Each additional digital image £50

* Prints, wall art, triplexes, albums are available and are sold separately

* Session price £150 ( due on booking and not refundable) 


mummy and me Leicester.jpg

What to wear

Boho style clothes. Neutrals.
White, cream, beige. 
Shirt, polo, t-shirts, chinos, linen trousers, dresses, tunics. 
Please see colour palette below.
Either bare feet or shoes with cleaned soles.
No sport shoes please.
(Must be brought as spare and must be clean) 

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 22.22.13.png

Studio provides :

dresses for mums,
outfits for baby girls 0-12 months,
dresses for girls up to age of 12,
outfits for baby boys 0-12 months,
outfits for older boys 1-2 years old.


28 copy.jpg
mummy and me Leicester.jpg
mummy and me Leicester.jpg
mummy and me Leicester.jpg
mummy and me Leicester.jpg
mummy and me Leicester.jpg

Please read T&C as well as privacy policy before booking. 

READY TO BOOK ? Click here: 

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